One of my Bucket List items is: “Receive a postcard from each of the 50 states”.

On September 21, 2013, I received a private Facebook message from my friend Cary. He said, “Just read your Bucket List. I think I can help out on one of them. I read you want to receive a post card from every state. I travel enough I could assist.”

So, Cary has started sending me postcards from his business travels. I will use the list below to keep track of the postcards I have received. Every time I receive a postcard from a different state, I will check that state and highlight it.

If anyone else would like to participate by sending postcards (especially from a state not checked below), I would love to receive your postcards! Here are a few guidelines:

  1. I’m looking for postcards that clearly indicate a particular state. It can be a generic state postcard, or a postcard from any city or local attraction in the state, as long as the state is clearly indicated on the postcard.
  2. Ideally, the postmark would be from the location featured on the postcard. If it is a generic state postcard, a postmark from anywhere in that state is fine.
  3. Please include a short, handwritten note including some kind of pertinent (even fun!) information about your experience at the location featured on the postcard, or why you chose that particular card, etc. I love reading personal notes! These will be included in the information posted underneath your postcard in the SmugMug photo album. No profanity, please!
  4. Mail the postcard to:
    Paul O’Rear
    P.O. Box 2866
    Waxahachie, Texas 75168

    If you don’t mind, and if you have time to go inside the post office to mail the postcard, please ask the Postal Employee to “hand cancel” (or hand postmark) the postcard, resulting in a classic, old-fashioned round postmark instead of the more modern, machine-printed straight-line postmark.

I am posting scans of the postcards on SmugMug.

I have already received postcards from the states checked and highlighted below.

Updated October 9, 2015

1 Alabama
2 Alaska
3 Arizona
4 Arkansas
5 California
6 Colorado
7 Connecticut
  8 Delaware
9 Florida
10 Georgia
11 Hawaii
  12 Idaho
13 Illinois
  14 Indiana
  15 Iowa
  16 Kansas
17 Kentucky
  18 Louisiana
19 Maine
20 Maryland
21 Massachusetts
22 Michigan
23 Minnesota
24 Mississippi
25 Missouri
  26 Montana
  27 Nebraska
28 Nevada
  29 New Hampshire
  30 New Jersey
31 New Mexico
32 New York
33 North Carolina
34 North Dakota
35 Ohio
36 Oklahoma
37 Oregon
38 Pennsylvania
39 Rhode Island
40 South Carolina
41 South Dakota
42 Tennessee
43 Texas
44 Utah
45 Vermont
46 Virginia
47 Washington
48 West Virginia
49 Wisconsin
50 Wyoming


51 Washington, D.C.
52 Brisbane, Australia
53 Nova Scotia, Canada
54 Québec, Canada
52 Panarea Island, Italy
54 Bangkok, Thailand
52 London, UK

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