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Paul O'RearPaul O-Who?

Hi! My name is Paul O'Rear.

My Dad was a high school teacher for most of his adult life. One year when he introduced himself to one of his classes on the first day of school, he had a comical exchange with one of his students.

Dad: "Good afternoon. My name is Mr. O'Rear."

Student: "O-who?"

Dad: "O'Rear."

Student: "Oh, REAR!"

My wife Susan, when introducing herself to her junior high students on the first day of school, doesn't give them time to ask. She says, "Good morning. My name is Mrs. O'Rear." Then she immediately points to her gluteus maximus, and says, "Just like your REAR!"

So, there you have it. The name is O'Rear.

I am a Christian husband, father, son, minister, author, songwriter, photographer, and web page tinkerer.

I blog about principle-centered living at paulorear.com.

I don't have any super powers in real life, but in my dreams I can fly ... just like Superman! It's pretty stinkin' cool!

Oh, and I like guacamole ... a lot!

There's other stuff, too.


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