Fountain of Youth

Ashley's Adopted Grannies

Photo © Paul O’Rear

From the time Ashley and Justin were young, they always had lots of adopted grandparents. The picture above is one of my many favorites of Ashley. It was taken at a Valentine Banquet that the young people at church hosted for the “Golden Agers” each year. The three ladies surrounding Ashley are some of her adopted grannies, whom she absolutely adored.

Alright, let’s go do this!

An Open Letter to You

“An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World”, by Josh Irby

You have something to offer the world that no one else can. And your contribution is needed, desperately! This is the message of Josh Irby’s new eBook/Infographic.

Book Review: Graffiti

Alene and Rick come from different sides of the street. Alene’s comfortable, suburban lifestyle was worlds apart from Rick’s experience as a homeless vagabond. As their worlds collided, however, God revealed that each had something of value to offer the other. Together, their story has much to offer to the world.

Zach Sobiech

Zach Sobiech died this past Monday, May 20. He was eighteen years old.

I didn’t know Zach. In fact, I never even knew about Zach … until today.

The Preacher Won’t Have to Lie

(cc) p.Gordon - Flickr

(cc) p.Gordon – Flickr

Back in January, I attended the funeral of a man named Bob. I did not know Bob, and in fact had never even met him. Some of his relatives, however, are very dear friends of mine. So I drove the hour that it took to get to the church where the funeral was held.

Heritage of Faith

Grandpa Horace and Mama Grace

Grandpa Horace and Mama Grace

It was Tuesday, May 17, 1994. The east Texas sun warmed the afternoon air as we buried my 91-year-old grandmother beside her husband in Laws Chapel Cemetery on the outskirts of Atlanta, Texas. Grandpa Horace had preceded her in death by more than 25 years. He had been a faithful gospel preacher during his time. Mama Grace was a diligent student of God’s word, and had taught numerous Bible classes throughout her lifetime. These were my Dad’s parents.

Are You Going To Finish Strong?

Nick Vujicic, (cc) World Economic Forum - Flickr

Nick Vujicic, (cc) World Economic Forum – Flickr

I remember as a child hearing someone tell a joke (and probably repeating it myself) that went something like this:

  • “What do you call a kid with no arms and no legs?”
  • Answer: “First Base!”

Nick Vujicic (pronounced Voy-a-chich) probably heard lots of jokes like that growing up. Nick was born in December of 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. He was a healthy, happy, beautiful baby. There was just one problem. Nick was born with no arms and no legs. He was the kid we all joked about in third grade. Except, when it’s real, it’s not very funny at all.

Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes

What would you do if you were born without eyes, and with a tightening of the joints that prevented you from being able to straighten your arms and legs? Would you feel sorry for yourself? Would you consider yourself “disabled”? Life would certainly come with a greater level of difficulty.

I can’t even imagine being unable to see or walk. Yet, that’s exactly the situation in which Patrick Henry Hughes has found himself since the day he was born. However, when asked, “How would you describe your disabilities?”, Patrick just smiles really big and responds, “Not disabilities at all; more abilities.”

The List

My friend PamPam Nelson, a dear friend and high school classmate, recently posted to her Facebook status a thought-provoking list of “to do” items that will make anyone’s life more meaningful. I was intrigued as to the source of the list, so I Googled a few of the list items and found several websites with a nearly-identical list of 39 items, including the items from Pam’s Facebook list. I have edited the list in a few places for increased clarity or meaning, and have included relevant sources where appropriate. I want to share the list with you on the eve of this new year. Some of the list items will resonate with you more than others. That’s OK. Pick and choose the ones that mean the most to you, and resolve to incorporate them into your daily journey. I pray God’s richest blessings on you and yours for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!