If You Were Mine

Mark O'Rear

Mark O'Rear

My oldest brother Mark is one of my favorite people with whom to share and compare music. There have been numerous times through the years when Mark has called me to share a song that he really likes, or I have called him for the same reason. Several times, these phone calls have turned into hour-long (or longer) conversations which include listening to songs together over the phone. These conversations with my big brother are some of the most cherished moments of my life!

During one of these phone calls, Mark asked me if I had ever heard of Fernando Ortega. I had not. He mentioned two or three of his favorite Fernando Ortega songs, one of which is entitled, “If You Were Mine”. I fired up Napster on my laptop and listened to the song.

Where Are You, God?

(cc) Adam Baker - Flickr

(cc) Adam Baker – Flickr

Have you ever wondered if God is really there; if He is really listening to you when you pour out your heart to Him in prayer?

Has it ever gotten to the point that it seemed like He wasn’t there, or like He just didn’t even care?

Have you ever found yourself asking that question – “Where are you, God?” – desperately wanting to hear His gentle voice whisper, “Don’t worry; I’m right here”?

If you have ever experienced the loneliness of not feeling God’s presence – of not being able to find Him, or feel Him, or sense His closeness – you are not alone.