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Living With a Broken Heart

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Recently I made the decision to publish my book, Living With a Broken Heart, directly to Kindle, instead of pursuing traditional publishing or self-publishing.

In the video below, I explain my reasons for making this decision. I also introduce a crowdfunding campaign that I have launched to raise the funds necessary to obtain the tools and training to get my book ready for publishing to Kindle.

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Dean Kilmer is a friend and colleague. He preaches for the Brown Street Church of Christ in Waxahachie, Texas, where I serve as Involvement and Education Minister. Dean has written a book entitled Igniting the Moral Courage of America. He has been encouraging me for a few years to hurry and get my book finished, because he believes there is a powerful message within its pages that can help people. He graciously recorded the video below to promote my crowdfunding campaign to get the book published.

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Brian Little was in my youth group years ago; I was his youth minister. Brian has been following the progress of my book. Last weekend, Brian published a video book review of my book based on the preview copy he received for subscribing to this blog. I sincerely appreciate Brian’s support, and the wonderful things he says in this video.

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(Brian mentioned that you can get a free copy of Andy Andrews’ book, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?, from the Free Give-Aways page on my blog. I actually had a drawing in August for a free copy of the book. That give-away has now expired.)


You can participate in my crowdfunding campaign by contributing as little as $5.00 to my Publishing Fund. There are some pretty cool Perks that you can receive based on the amount you donate.

If you can’t help with a monetary donation, would you consider helping me spread the word about my campaign through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, other social media outlets or your own blog? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


Inspired by an idea mentioned by Brian in the video above, I have created an official Street Team to help promote the upcoming book, and especially to help spread the word about the fundraising campaign.

To join the Street Team:

  1. Sign into your Facebook account, visit the Street Team Facebook Group page, and click “Join Group”.
  2. When you have been accepted into the group, post a message to the group wall letting everyone know that you are part of the team (see PDF file below for more detailed instructions).

As a Street Team member, you can earn points and win cool prizes by completing various activities to promote the book and the crowdfunding campaign. For complete details, download the Street Team PDF file by clicking on the graphic below.

Street Team Instructions

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One thought on “It’s Book Time!

  1. Yes, yes! The time is now! I have never been more excited, nor more serious about any book I have ever read becoming available to everyone to read and embrace. We can do this, friends! Btw, I sincerely apologize about the give-away for Andy Andrews’ book on Paul’s page expiring. However, all of the activities on Paul’s campaign just keep getting better and more fun to participate in than I could have imagined! We have a month left to get this campaign funded, friends! LET’S DO IT!