Because You Said So

Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee

(cc) Ksenia Smirnova (Flickr)

Peter was a professional fisherman. If there was anything that Peter knew a lot about, it was fishing.

One day Jesus got into Peter’s boat and pushed away from the shore just far enough so that the large crowd that had followed Him could see and hear Him. The people settled in on the shore, and Jesus taught them.

Afterwards, Jesus told Peter to move the boat out into deeper water and let down the nets to catch some fish.

Well, Peter and his buddies had been fishing all night with no luck, and he mentioned that to Jesus. Remember, Peter was the pro in this situation. He knew fishing. He knew all the right spots to fish, he knew the right times to fish; fish feared him.

Jesus may have known about spiritual stuff. He may have been able to attract large crowds and even do miracles and stuff. But He clearly was not the go-to guy for fishing advice. And yet here He was telling Peter how, and where, to fish.

It’s almost as if Peter caught himself in mid-sentence. “Look, we’ve been fishing all night and haven’t caught a thing …” And then he realized the ridiculousness of continuing that statement. This was Jesus he was talking to.

The next statement out of Peter’s mouth is golden. “But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” Peter may have been the master fisherman, but Jesus was The Master.

When the guest speaker at church pointed out the power of this statement, it made me wonder. How many situations in life would end much more peacefully if we adopted Peter’s attitude of “because you said so, I will do it”.

  • What if children always used this line of reasoning when they disagreed with their parents?
  • What if employees took this attitude when they thought their own idea was better than the boss’ idea?
  • What if husbands and wives were to let go of selfish pride more often and say, “Honey, because that’s what you want, I’ll do it”?

Does that mean you should never stand up for yourself and should always give in to the other person? Certainly not. But I would suggest that most of us could adopt this “because you say so” attitude much more often with beneficial consequences.

Confession time: Tell of an incident when you stubbornly stood your ground, and it would have been so much better to say, “but because you say so”. Use the comment section below to bare your soul!

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  1. Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee, by Ksenia Smirnova (Flickr), Creative Commons License.

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