Find Your Wings

Justin O'Rear

Justin O'Rear

To my son Justin:

Dear Bubba,

I started praying for you before you were even born:

  • Praying that you would be a healthy, happy boy.
  • Praying that Mom and I would be good parents for you.
  • Praying that your life would be full of blessings and joy.
  • Praying that God would provide a special measure of His love and protection and blessing for the girl, whoever she is, who would someday become your wife; that she would grow up in a happy, godly home, and that God would prepare her to become the half that makes your life whole.

I continue to talk to God about you, Bubba. I thank Him for blessing me with such an amazing young man as you for a son. I thank Him that, through all the turmoil and struggle of your life, you have always been a blessing in the lives of those around you.

I pray that you will always walk in the truth of His word and be faithful to Him, regardless of the distractions and temptations that life will put in your way.

I pray that He will continue to provide you with strength to overcome the difficulties you will face in life.

I still pray regularly for the young lady who He is preparing to be your wife (and the mother of our grandchildren!).

And I pray that He will continue to use you, as He always has, to be a positive influence in the lives of those around you.

I came across a song a few years ago that expresses beautifully the hopes and dreams that I have always had for you. It is called “Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris. Listen carefully to the words, because they capture almost perfectly my prayer for you.

I love you, Bubba. I am proud of who you are, and I thank God that you are my son.


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