How We Got Here (The Real Story)


© Alan Z. Uster -

© Alan Z. Uster -

“Mommy, how did we get here?”

“Well, honey, a long, long time ago – way back even before Grampa and Grammy were born – there weren’t any stars yet, or the sun or the moon, or even the Earth. The only thing that was there was God, all by Himself, way up there in heaven.”

“One day, God decided that He wanted to make the universe. It was really cool the way He made stuff, too. All He had to do was say that He wanted something, and – POOF! – there it was!”

“So He said, ‘Let there be light’, and – POOF! – all of a sudden there was light, where there had only been darkness before. And you know what was really special about this light? It didn’t come from a flashlight, or a light bulb, or even the sun. It was just light, all by itself. That’s how powerful God is!”

“Wow! God must be really strong, even stronger than Daddy.”

“Yes, He is. Then God did the same thing with the rest of our world and universe. He just spoke the words, and all of a sudden there was the Earth, and then all the water in all the oceans and rivers, the grass and trees and plants, the sun and moon and stars, all the planets, fish and birds and animals … everything.”

“What about the people, Mommy? Did God make them, too?”

“Yes, He did. After He had made everything else, He took some dirt and breathed on it, and made it into a man. This man’s name was Adam. Then He took a bone out of Adam and used it to make a wife for him. Her name was Eve. They were the first Mommy and Daddy.”

“But where did God come from? Did He have a Mommy and Daddy?”

“No, sweetie. God has just always been here. He’s not like us. He doesn’t have skin, or bones, or arms and legs. He is a spirit.”

“So, is He kind of like a ghost?”

“I guess kind of like a ghost, except ghosts aren’t real. God is. And since he doesn’t have a physical body, like we do, since He is a spirit, He didn’t have to have a Mommy and Daddy. He was just always there.”

“I’m glad I have a Mommy and Daddy!”

“So am I, sweetie pie. So am I.”

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  1. Planet earth with sunrise and moon in space, © Alan Z. Uster (Fotolia), Used by permission.

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