How We Got Here, Version 1

“Mommy, how did we get here?”

“Well, honey, a long, long time ago – way back even before Grampa and Grammy were born – there was this little bitty, tiny speck, floating out there in space all by itself. It was so small that you couldn’t even see it! There weren’t any stars yet, or the sun or the moon, or even the Earth. The only thing that was there was this little bitty, tiny speck, all by itself, way out there in outer space somewhere.”

“One day, just all of a sudden, this little bitty, tiny speck exploded! It was such a big explosion that it blew that little bitty, tiny speck all to pieces. Stuff went flying everywhere. And when all the pieces of that little bitty, tiny speck finally settled into place, they made all the stars, the sun and the moon, the Earth, all the planets, all the water in all the oceans and rivers … everything.”

“What about the people, Mommy? Did they come from the explosion, too?”

“Not at first. First there was this little bitty, tiny creature, so small that you couldn’t even see it! It lived in the water. After a while, it turned into a bigger creature that you could see. Then, after another while, that creature turned into another creature, and then another, and then another. Pretty soon, one of those creatures got tired of swimming, so it crawled out of the water onto land and became an animal. When it was in the water, it could breathe like a fish. And then when it crawled out onto the land, it could breathe like an animal, just like magic!”

“But where did the people come from?”

“Well, over a long, long time – like millions of years or even billions of years – that first animal that crawled out of the water changed into other kinds of animals: lizards, birds, monkeys, elephants, lions. Almost like magic, every time it changed, there was another kind of animal. One day, one of the monkeys started walking like you and I do, instead of like monkeys do. Over another very long time, that monkey changed into all different shapes and sizes, and eventually turned into a person! That’s where the people came from.”

“I don’t understand, Mommy. How can a fish turn into a monkey? And how can a monkey turn into a person?”

“That’s just the way it happened, sweetie.”

“If I live a really, really long time, what will I turn into?”

“I don’t know. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!”

“Where did that little bitty, tiny speck that exploded come from?”

“That’s a really good question. But even the really smart scientists don’t know where it came from.”

“You know what I think, Mommy? I think that’s a silly story!”

“Yes it is, sweetie pie. Yes it is!”

“Tell me another silly story, Mommy. I like silly stories!”

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Photo Credit:

  1. Hubble ultra deep field, by NASA and the European Space Agency (Wikipedia), Public domain.

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