Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes

What would you do if you were born without eyes, and with a tightening of the joints that prevented you from being able to straighten your arms and legs? Would you feel sorry for yourself? Would you consider yourself “disabled”? Life would certainly come with a greater level of difficulty.

I can’t even imagine being unable to see or walk. Yet, that’s exactly the situation in which Patrick Henry Hughes has found himself since the day he was born. However, when asked, “How would you describe your disabilities?”, Patrick just smiles really big and responds, “Not disabilities at all; more abilities.”

Patrick’s story inspires me. It serves as a reminder that our lives are not defined by our challenges and shortcomings, but rather by how we respond to those challenges and shortcomings. I love his attitude when he says, “God made me blind and unable to walk. Big deal!”

I think you will be blessed by this amazing young man’s story.

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  1. Patrick Henry Hughes, video capture from You Tube video.

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