The Santa Claus Factor

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© Scott Hancock - Fotolia

Most children believe in Santa Claus. As they grow older, however, at some point they begin to analyze the whole Santa Claus story and realize that it would be physically impossible for one person to accomplish everything that Santa Claus is supposed to accomplish. So, at some point, they stop believing.

Some people think that Santa Claus is an evil icon whose purpose is to take the focus of Christmas off of Jesus and replace it with a secular focus. Those people actually despise the whole idea of Santa Claus.

Then there are those people who feel that Santa Claus has simply become a symbol of the over-commercialization of Christmas. They, too, are “Santa-haters”.

Let me tell you right up front …


This article will be an attempt to explain why I believe in Santa Claus, and why I think this is so important.

The Reason For The Season

For me, Christmas has never been about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Now, before you start throwing stones and calling me a heathen, let me explain.

As a Christian, I celebrate Jesus every day of my life. I talk to God almost constantly. I thank Him often for the gift of Jesus. I think often about how crucial it was that He came into the world. That’s a daily occurrence for me … not once a year.

As a Christian, I celebrate Jesus every Sunday. One of the focal points of Sunday worship is the Lord’s Supper. In it, we focus on Jesus’ death on the cross. We search our own souls, and realize how empty and sinful we are without that sacrifice. We are reminded that it is only because Jesus came to this world and died that we have any hope at all. And so we celebrate that hope, by celebrating His death, every Sunday … because that’s what we’re commanded to do.

When I was baptized into Christ, I celebrated Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Romans 6 paints a beautiful picture of baptism.

  • Jesus conquered sin when He died on the cross. I died to sin when I was baptized into Jesus.
  • After His death, Jesus was buried in the tomb. I was buried with Jesus when I was immersed in the water of baptism.
  • Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day. I was raised out of the water of baptism a brand new person, with my sins washed away by Jesus’ blood.

What an amazingly beautiful thing baptism is: a symbolic participation in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Every time I see another person being baptized, I am reminded once again of Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection. I celebrate it all over again.

So, for me, Christmas is not about celebrating Jesus, because that’s something I do every day. I structure the pieces of my life around Him and His church. I try to honor Him in the decisions I make. I try to bring Him glory in the way I treat other people. I try to live in such a way that He would be proud of me.

I am not saying that I think it’s a bad thing that the world focuses on Jesus during the Christmas season. Any time the world turns its attention to Jesus, it’s a good thing! The world’s focus on Jesus during this time of year creates the potential for people who need Jesus to be receptive to the gospel.

Neither am I saying that it’s a bad thing for our focus, as Christians, to be sharpened this time of year.

I am simply saying that, for me personally, Christmas has never been about celebrating Jesus; because, for me personally, that’s something I do every day of my life.

I Believe In Santa’s Cause

I told you earlier that I believe in Santa Claus. Let me clarify.

I do not believe that there is an actual little fat man dressed all in red named Santa Claus, or Saint Nick, or Papa Noel, who actually lives at the North Pole and runs a toy factory staffed by elves.

I do not believe that reindeer actually fly, or that there is actually a reindeer named Rudolph whose nose actually lights up to guide Santa’s sleigh through the “foggy Christmas eve”.

I do not believe that Santa’s toy sack (even if it were a magic sack) could hold every gift for every good little boy and girl in the entire world, or that Santa could then deliver all those gifts to all those children’s houses in one night, completely undetected by said children.

You get the idea. So, when I say I believe in Santa Claus, I do not mean that I literally believe the Santa fairy tale to be factual truth.

Back before the days of compact discs, when vinyl LP’s (Long-Playing Records) ruled the music industry, the Statler Brothers came out with a song called “I Believe in Santa’s Cause” on their 1978 “Christmas Card” album. It starts like this:

Never heard a snowman talking
Never seen a reindeer fly
Nor seen a wooden soldier walking
Nor met Santa eye to eye
Now there are those who don’t believe
In miracles or Santa Claus
But I believe what I believe
And I believe in Santa’s Cause

What is Santa’s Cause?

Santa brings joy and cheer into the lives of everyday people. He restores people’s hope in the goodness of life. He loves little children and gives them something good and positive to believe in and hope for.

I believe in those things … so I believe in Santa Claus.

But there is another reason, a much deeper reason, why I believe in Santa Claus. I will share that with you in my next post.

Stay tuned!
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2 thoughts on “The Santa Claus Factor

  1. So far, I agree 100%! One of the things that popped when I read it was your statement,

    “Any time the world turns its attention to Jesus, it’s a good thing! The world’s focus on Jesus during this time of year creates the potential for people who need Jesus to be receptive to the gospel.”

    I think it is absolutely WONDERFUL that so much “more” attention is focused on Jesus. In fact, I’ve often got the feeling the God, and Jesus, LOVE this time of year as well. What joy it must bring them to be thought of and “worshiped” everyday! For this reason (among so many others) this year I am just so excited and in love with Christmas.

    To hear Jesus’ name and the mention of our Father so many times in a day just brings joy to my heart. I do wish everyone would worship them everyday, just as you and I do. What a different world this would be 🙂

    Thanks for this post and I’m soooo looking forward to the next!

  2. So, you don’t believe in me eh? Well young man, it’s socks and underwear for you this Christmas.

    Your friend,