Dream Big

Dream BigOne of my favorite songs ever is “Dream Big” by Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband. In fact, it starts off at the top of my Favorite Songs list, and will probably stay in the Number 1 spot.

First of all, “Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband” has got to be the coolest name ever for a band!

I love the happy, upbeat guitar picking that opens the song. I’ve always loved guitar music, and that really sets the tone for the whole song. I love the tight harmonies on the chorus. I grew up singing 4-part harmony in church, and have always loved good harmony. Done well, it adds depth to a song.

The thing about “Dream Big” that really grabs me, though, and won’t let go, is its upbeat, positive, encouraging message. “And when you cry, be sure to dry your eyes, ’cause better days are sure to come.” “And when you walk, walk with pride; don’t show the hurt inside; because the pain will soon be gone.” “And when you dream, dream big — as big as the ocean blue; ’cause when you dream, it might come true. So when you dream, dream big.”

Have you ever felt defeated by all the struggles that life throws at you? Has life knocked you down so many times that you sometimes wonder if you’re even worthy of getting back up? Or have you ever wondered if it will even do any good to get back up, if life is just going to knock you down again? What’s the use? Why even try?

I’ll have to admit that I’ve felt like that before. Financial struggles, health problems, difficulties in relationships with other people. Sometimes it seems like life is just one big disappointment and heartache after another.

And then this little song comes along and reminds us that it’s going to be OK. Better days are sure to come. The pain will soon be gone. And most importantly, it reminds us of something that we knew instinctively when we were kids. It’s good to dream big dreams! “‘Cause when you dream, it might come true! So when you dream, dream big!”

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