Ashley’s Photo Shoot

Ashley O'RearAshley wanted to be an actor. She was in Drama in junior high and really enjoyed it. When a letter arrived in the mail from a talent agency in Dallas, addressed to her, Ashley lit up. The agency had some spots open for new clients, and would be interviewing prospects in the near future. Ashley begged us to take her. So we did.

On the day of the interview, all the details were explained and various package options were presented. Susan and I didn’t have the money to pay the sign-up fee, but Ashley had saved up enough money, and she wanted to use it to sign up with the talent agency. Susan and I discussed it and decided to let her do it.

Ashley O'RearIncluded in Ashley’s package was a professional photo shoot for the purpose of producing a promotional headshot. The photo shoot was scheduled for September 18, 1999. The black and white headshot photo that resulted from that photo shoot has become one of my favorite pictures of Ashley. Besides the one selected photo, however (of which Ashley received a few hundred 8×10 copies), we were also given a contact sheet and all the negatives from the shoot. I recently scanned all 35 negatives and posted them in an online photo album.

There are a few really good shots. You can click on Ashley’s picture to go to the album. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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